J. Bruno     |     Do You Even     |     Music Video

J. Bruno   |   Don't Be A Stranger   |   Music Video

John Hassall & The April Rainers   |   Given Time   |   Music Video

John Hassall & The April Rainers   |   Whether Girl    |   Music Video

Squaretrade DK   |    Commercial

Mad Med Medfølelse: Mmm Tofu   |     Cooking Videos

WARPIGS: Recruiting Now     |     Commercials

Carbono     |     EP Promotional Teasers

Drive Me Crazy     |    Film Teaser

Mercy For Animals     |    Online Video Campaign

The Taste (Uncompleted)      |     Short Film for Dalian Wanda Group

ANIMA: Frie Vinger

Jimmy Biggs     |     Music Videos

Music + Skole     |     Documentary

Aarhus Short Film Challenge     |     Opening Sequence

Aarhus Short Film Challenge: How to Make a Short Film in Seven Days     |     Documentary